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13 years ago

Eclipse CodeCollaborator + Subclipse 1.8

Has anyone successfully created a new review when using Eclipse (3.4 or 4.2), Subclipse (1.8) with JavaHL, and Code Collaborator?

I ask because I've had no luck.  I contacted SmartBear folks to see if the Code Collaborator plugin was not handling an exception properly, but they reported it must be a subversion issue.

A side note is that I do have a working setup with Eclipse (3.4 and 4.2), Subclipse (1.6) with JavaHL, and Code Collaborator on a separate machine.


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  • Having the same problem.  Looking at the debug log, I can confirm that there is a NullPointerException (NPE) generated when attempting to add to review.

    Incidentally, I found the following information in the Version 7 release notes under

    7.1.7110 - 5/7/2012


    * fixed --- subclipse 1.8 throwing null pointer exception when attempting add to review (case 62794)


    I wonder if this resolves the same issue experienced with version 6.0.  If so, I am hoping they can provide Subclipse 1.8 support for the 6.0 version.
  • Here is the answer from the support team:

    "You are running into an issue we have seen and that we have fixed in v7.1. You can upgrade your CodeCollaborator server. Or if that is not an option, you can workaround the issue by downgrading your Subclipse from v1.8 to v1.6.


    I hope this helps.
  • Unfortunately I was not able to get the subclipse matched with subversion 1.8 to work with the code collaborator server/plugin 7.2.7218.  I downgraded to subversion 1.6.