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12 years ago

Dynamic Review Checklist

I've searched both PeerReview and CodeCollaborator for the ability to create a checklist to remind reviewers of certain attributes a module under review should have. I did not find functionality of this type. This would be a great addition to either application.

I would envision some type of unimposing form (think hover adds) that a user could mouse over to read a checklist. This checklist would be customizable for users to create their own checklists based on a document type setting.


Document Type = Code

O - Matches Requirements

O - Follows Coding Standard


Document Type = Test

O - Coverage is well documented

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    This is a great idea. It is particularly applicable for doing reviews on work products other than code. We have templates for a dozen different work products, each of which has it's own distinct requirements. Having the ability to do this type of reminder would be very helpful.