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9 years ago

Displaying current filename as page title when opening file diffs in new tabs

Currently if you open a file diff in new tabs, those tabs will always have "SmartBear Login" as their title. Our team would prefer it if the page/tab title shows the name of the file instead, as we tend to have large reviews where multiple files will be opened in tabs. I can't find anything in the online docs that says this is supported (we're on version 8), but thought it was supported in older versions (i.e. version 5). Is there a setting for this? If not, can we add it as a feature for future releases?


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  • Hi Gina, the "page title is SmartBear Login instead of the filename" thing is a known issue (COLLAB-512).  We don't have that immediately slated for a dev sprint, but when we do fix it that ticket number will show up in the changelog section of the manual.