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13 years ago

Creating a new review in Eclipse

So perhaps I am just missing something or this is not possible, but can a new code review be created from within Eclipse?  The documentation would leave you to believe this is possible, and yet, I don't see any such capability to create a new review - no icons, no menu options, etc.

Can you only create a new review from the Web client, command-line client, and the GUI client?  Is Eclipse just left to doing the review and adding comments?

I am doing a trial review of Code Collaborator 6.5.


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    Never mind.  Documentation was buried a little further.  Disappointed that only a handful of SCM environments are supported from Eclipse side review attachment.  So essentially, if I want to add files to a new or existing review, I can do those individually (in which case I have to upload the prior version myself), or I go externally to the GUI client to do post task creation.  Interesting indeed.