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12 years ago

Copy text from review to clipboard

I've searched for this but can't find an answer; when looking at a review, how can you copy a piece of text to the clipboard? For instance I'm looking at something that contains a URL in a comment, and I want to copy that URL. Obviously ason as you click it pops a comment box. I even tried using Firefox and the autocopy plugin, but that doesn't work either.

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    Right now I'm in FF 18.0.2, and it's CC version v6.5.6502.

    I realised my original post was slightly ambiguous - I mean a comment in the code, as opposed to a code collaborator comment, which it could have been read as.

    Whether it's a URL is probably irrelevant - it's basically copying to the clipboard from code while you're reviewing it. As soon as you click, it opens a comment box. If you drag select some text, when you release, it de-selects the text.
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      TL/DR:  I really want to be able to do this too.  Being able to copy a piece of in-review code to the clipboard would be immensely useful right now.  Please please please give us a way to do this.




      This isn't the first time I've wished for this functionality, but my case at hand is a doozy.


      I'm reviewing a second upload a junior engineer made in response to my comment on a first upload.


      I asked him to move a variable declaration closer to where it was used, into a 2 levels of fancy-brace smaller scope, to start steering him away from the spaghettti that was evolving.  His second upload was an exponentially worse version that rewrote the method and five others.


      I'd like to copy his first upload to a different editor so I can send him an e-mail showing what I expected him to do.  But to do that, I'm going to have to retype the whole method.  He's nine and a half time zones away, so I can't ask him to shelve the change list for me.


      I doubt I'm the only one who's had an OMG moment like this and wanted to copy a chunk of code that was under review. :-)

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        I found my own workaround.


        Switching from side-by-side to over-under view, I was able to copy an approximation of what I needed.  The "approximation" included line numbers and review comments, but removing them was not as painful as typing the method would have been.

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    Hi Mark,

    Please confirm which browser and version of CodeCollaborator you've tried this on.

    With v7303, with Firefox 18.0.1, I'm able to select that URL in the comment and right-click copy the URL into my clipboard.

    If your issue persists,please email your configuration info and sample screenshot to so we can take a closer look. Thanks,