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8 years ago

Collaborato related questions



I have some technical questions related to the collaborator.


  • We would like to use this tool to review function safety related units. I guess the tool has the ISO26262 conformity. Could you be so kind to send me the certificate of it?
  • We would like to review MS excel files as well. We have tried it, but the result was strange, it seems that the tool cannot handle the xls.


Thanks in advanced,


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Balazs Kun

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      Hello Andrew,


      Thanks for the answer. We have the version of v9.1.9101, this version is able to upload and display xls files but the result is horrible, every cell has the same width and hight, no matter what were the settings in the original xls.


      Thank in advanced,


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        I couldn't reproduce anything similar in the latest version of Collaborator (10.2.10200), so I suggest that you try upgrading.