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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Why latest Code Collaborator Client Installer for Mac OS X prompts for Java SE 6 runtime installation?


I have just downloaded the latest version of Code Collaborator Client Installer on my Mac with OS X 10.9.2.  When I tried to click the to install the client software, it popped up a message saying that to oepn, it would need Java SE 6 runtime.  However, the website of the client installer download clearly states that Java 1.7 is required, not 1.6.  I already have Java 7 installed and don't understand why the installer app needs Java 6.

Excerpt from the download website:

Download Mac OS X Installers v8.4 8401

Mac OS X Client Installer Mac OS X Client Installer

158.0 MB, Requires: Oracle Java 1.7

- See more at:



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  • Any update on this issue. OSX 10.10 comes with Java 8 and  Code Collaborator wants me to install a really old version of Java.
  • Hi, 

    We did fixed the java problem in our latest version 8.5.8501. You can review the version history here:

    - fixed — Mac Installer can't find Java JRE (COLLAB-577)

    It has been tested with MAC OS 1.9 and  java 1.7. Regarding 10.10 and java 1.8, if you still have issues, we would like to see debug log file. Run the installer from the terminal adding --debug argument after the installer name. The installer will create debug log file in the current working directory. Please send the debug log file to and we will investigate the problem. 


    Collaborator Client GUI version cannot be higher than Collaborator Server version. 

    Thank you,