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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] On post-commit review is created


Here is my question, we are moving from SVN to git, and ccollab does not have all of the paramters that make it easy to post-commit and a review will be generated. 

I am looking to do something like this:

# set the user

  • ccollab set user user1

# create a review based on SHA from git.                                                                

  • ccollab addchangelist new $SHA1

# after a review is created assign it to the user who made the change, to do that I am getting the name by cloning the repo.git and looking in its git log. But, how do i assign it to the user who created it. I tried, 

  • ccollab admin review participant assign last user2 Author

However, above command does not work as if user2 does not have access to user1 group and vice versa. 

Anyone know how to assign a review to another user (user2, in this example) and assign it to his/her group so that the group can review it as well?

I tried to be very clear, but please let me know if I am not making any sense. 

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    I'm humming Pink Floyd's "Is there anybody out there?" in my head now....

    Anyone would like to respond? Anyone know how to or is ccollab can not do this?

  • Hi Murtaza, 

    I don't know the answer, but I circulated your question to a few folks to find someone who can help! 

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    Thanks Jen for looking in to it.

    I figured it out, basically:

    • get the username,  who commited the changes and SHA and repo name

    • create the review with the name

    • get the review #

    • uploade changes to that review number

    • Assign author to the user and remove the default/dummy user from the review

    • send email notification once a new review is opened