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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Making someone observer on closed reviews

We recently added a new software quality engineer to our team.  He would like access to all reviews, including closed reviews, to be able to look through comments and defects.  Is there a way for an admin to add someone as an observer to all reviews without having to manually add them to every review?

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  • Hi Dana, 

    You cannot modify review's participants  after it's complete without re-opening it first. That said the only way to give that user access is to enable his admin privileges to access all reviews. 

    If you want to add that user to NEW/IN PROGRESS reviews:

    1- You can use user subscribtion as described here


    2- You can add the user using the command line:

    ccollab admin review participant assign <review> <participant> <role>

    e.g. ccollab admin review participant assign 37 user2 observer

    - 37 --> The review number

    - user2 --> The username

    (Note: if you want to add the user to a number of reviews, you can repeat the previous command in a batch file then run the batch file at once.)