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12 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Is there a limit on number of users in the CodeReviewer Pro?

Is there a technical limitation that forces the pro version's performance to degrade

after 25 users? Is that limitation just based on the assumption that most

teams will be smaller than 25 users? Do you have plans to support larger


-- Question from Josh, a CodeReviewer customer 

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  • CodeReviewer is limited to 10 users; CodeReviewer Pro is limited to 25. We did this to allow smaller teams to use a solution that was originally built for large enterprises, our Collaborator solution. Collaborator is used by a number of very large companies, like HP, Intel, Walmart, and many others. It can handle an unlimited number of users, supports 16 SCMs, has fields and workflows you can customize, and collects a whole lot of data. We found that smaller teams simply wanted a tool for code review. That’s why we developed CodeReviewer and CodeReviewer Pro. They are simpler to use. If teams get larger than 25, they can certainly move to Collaborator. In fact, we have many smaller teams on Collaborator because they need some of the SCM and IDE integrations it offers.