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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Is it possible to install CodeReviewer on Windows?

I've tried installing CodeReviewer in a fresh Windows 7 Pro x64 VM. After the installer finishes, the ccollab-service doesn't start, the browser is opened, but can't connect to localhost:8080. If I try to start it manually, I get the error message "1067 The process terminated unexpectedly". It doesn't start after a system restart, either. I've checked that port 8080 is free using netstat -a.


Is there an error log somewhere? I can only see the C:\Program Files\Collaborator Server\tomcat\logs folder, which is empty.


Has anyone been able to install CodeReviewer on Windows 7? Which Java version did you use?

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  • Hi,


    I've encoutered the same issue on Windows 2012 R2 (6.3.9600 N/A Build 9600) .


    I've installed Collaborator v8.5.8502 with default options : internal database and authentication thru local logins management.


    Just before installa Collaborator, I've deployed Java Runtime v8 update 51 (build 1.8.0_51-b16).


    But, when I try to stast "ccollab-server" server, it fails with fatal error : 

    Windows could not start the ccollab-server service on Local Computer

    Error 1067 : The process terminated unexpectedly

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      SmartBear support answer was :

      The 0xc0000374 exception code means that the ccollab-server.exe process's heap is corrupted, so the process crashes. Our customers had similar problems, but we were unable to determine their exact cause. One thing we noticed was that the problems weren't caused by Collaborator. So, I recommend that you reinstall Collaborator on your machine. Make sure that you run the installation program as an Administrator. I also suggest that you use Collaborator 9.2 as v8.5.8502 doesn't support Java 8.


      And I overcome this sissue by removing Java Runtimle v8 and installing Java v1.7u80.


      It's pity that Colloborator setup doesn't check the required JRE before installaing itseflf ...