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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Integration with ClearCase


  I am having a lot of trouble with Collaborator with regards to operations with ClearCase.  We want to have Collaborator be able to use its built in Difference engine, which compares generations of a file. That tool is supposed to be able to either work from a branch specification, or gives you the option of specifying per file.


To set up a review based on versions or branches of ClearCase, you have to:

  • enter at a logical high level into the control of Collaborator via the Collaborator GUI,

  • add an SCM Configuration (in our case, a snapshot view)

  • do Add Versions, to have it reference content within a ClearCase View.

    • Select a Review to set version info for

    • The logic branches here:

      • Show All Files version: Go to each individual file and specify which versions to use of the file for the review

      • The branch version: Enter the name of a branch


There are these issues:

  • In the “Select a Review” GUI (the first one), it tells you to select either to create a new review, or reference an existing review. The review I created earlier in the day is not showing up in the list. None of my reviews that are currently created by me or assigned to me show in the list. There is no browse equivalent.

  • For the “Select All Files” version, it is not clear what to enter for the “Autofile Before versions” value at this point, if I have selected all the files in the entire branch, which is what I would like to set.

  • I can not get the branch version to work. You can enter the name of a branch, but nothing is filled in in the following menus and it does not set up. (At least that I can tell) I may not be using the correct name form, but there are no examples that seem helpful to me. I double checked the branch types in ClearCase, and also used my shortcut to my snapshot view name with no luck. I also tried putting in a ClearCase path type name for the branch to no effect

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