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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] How to find all assigned reviews for all reviewers?

We need to have alerts that remind people of outstanding reviews. I can use ccollab actionitems on the command line and get pending items for the currently logged in user, but we want to automate this and have reports for every user, so obviously we won't have their password.

I've looked into the SOAP API, but it appears you also need to have been logged in as a user to get their action items.

I'm an admin on our server; what can I do to pull this kind of info for all users in our code collaborator server?

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    Also, of particular note, this needs to be automated like I said, so from the CLI or some API is better, or automating some kind of report that we can email works too I guess...
  • As an admin, you should be able to access and configure the "Automatic Periodic Notification" section which notifies review participants of pending actions.