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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] getActionItems() fails while calling through CodeCollaborator Webservice- Please help

Hi All,

I am trying to get the list of completed reviews by a user through webservices.

I converted the WSDL to proxy class (in C# using wsdl.exe) and i was able to get the product version and ticket details.

But after that when i tried calling the function "getActionsItems" i received an exception "Invalind SOAP ticket"

I'm not sure why this call failed ? do i have to store the login ticket information ? if so under which property i need to store it ?

Code snippet:

private void FetchCCItems()


            m_proxy = new CollabSoap7001Service();

            string version = m_proxy.getProductVersion();

            MessageBox.Show("CC Current version: " + version, "Info", MessageBoxButtons.OK);

            string ticket = m_proxy.getLoginTicket(tb_LoginName.Text, tb_Password.Text);

            if (ticket == null)

                MessageBox.Show("login failed");


                MessageBox.Show("login PASSED");


            actionItem[] items = m_proxy.getActionItems();


            string result = null;

            foreach (actionItem item in items)


                result = result + item.text + "\n";



            MessageBox.Show("Items : " + result, "Info", MessageBoxButtons.OK);


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