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12 years ago

CodeCollaborator v7.3.7303 64 bit server memory leak and corruption

In an environment with only a few reviews per day, our CodeCollaborator server process starts out taking about 80 MB for RAM, and as users access it shortly goes up to about 110 MB. This seems pretty normal.

Over a week or two, the process continues to grow. When it gets over half a gigabyte or so, the server starts rejecting some random reviews.  I've seen it up to 800 MB.   Bouncing the CC server process clears the issue up.

The log doesn't appear to have anything out of the ordinary in it.

Platform info:

Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

SQL Server 2008 R2

LDAP authentication

Java was initially the recommended version now 1.6u38

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    Total Noob Question:

    I would like to ask my admin to bouce the CC server processes, but neither of us are familiar enough to know which processes need to be recycled.  Can you describe which processes should be restarted, or if there is a preferred way to bounce?
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    Hi John,

    Do you upload PDF and/or DOCx files in your reviews? If so, your symptom sounds similar to a memory leak issue that we recently fixed in our latest v.7304 release. Our v.7304 installers are located here:

    If your issue persists after upgrading, please open a support ticket at so we can take a closer look.

    Hi Brett,

    To bounce the service, you will want to stop/start the collab-server process for CodeCollaborator or the peerreview-server process for PeerReview Complete.