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10 years ago

Can a user determine who is logged in without admin privileges?


Our company has 21 floating licenses at the current time. Our admin has access to a page that identifies the 21 users that are currently consuming a license. Unfortunately it appears that non-admin users do not have access to information that identifies who is actively logged in.


I noticed that there is a User report, but this specifies last login, last logout and last activity. Doing some maths on the results of the report and it appears that we have more logged in users than the licenses we have!


I am wondering if there is a method by which a non-admin user can determine who is logged in on demand.


Also we are not presented with a list of active users when the licenses are completely consumed when a user attempts to log on. It looks like this functionality has been removed in Collaborator 8 which is the version we have. Is there any way that we can get this useful information back?