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13 years ago

Beyond Compare v2 with Code Collab.

Hi , 

I downloaded the latest code collab client today. I am trying to use Beyond Compare 2 as the external diff viewer . The problem arises when I click the Beyond Compare button in the code collab client|Preferences|External Diff Launcher screen.

The error that I am getting is 

  1. for single file - Single file diff command does not exist

  2. for multiple files - Multiple files diff command does not exist

Please suggest.. 

Thanks and Regards


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    Hi Gagan,

    The Beyond Compare button in the GUI client > Preferences > External Diff Launcher screen enters only the external diff command presets. After you click the Beyond Compare button, you'll probably have to specify the absolute path to the Beyond Compare executable for both the single file and multiple files commands. You should then be able to click "Apply" and open diffs in Beyond Compare using the External Diff icon as described here: