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8 years ago

Author can or cannot mark issues as Fixed conundrum

Server side, the following can be setup: "allow or not an Author of a review to mark an issue as Fixed"


In my opinion, both allowing and not allowing the Author to mark an issue as Fixed bring limitation to the review.


1) In case the Author is NOT allowed to mark an issue as Fixed, the Author cannot use the "Mark as Fixed" button to keep track of his issues in the review.


2) In case the Author IS allowed to mark an issue as Fixed, the Reviewer has to go through all of his issues to verify them. This is acceptable if there is only one round of corrections, but it quickly becomes unmanageable and error prone if several round of corrections are required in a single review.


My proposal is the following:

 - Allow the Author to mark an issue as "Fixed" (i.e. an orange bug instead of red)

 - Allow the Reviewer to mark a "Fixed" issue as "Verified" (green bug with check mark)

The proposal above would both help the Author to use Collaborator as a "issues to be fixed" list AND help the Reviewer to quickly go to his/her issues to be verified.




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