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10 years ago

Access to a custom field using the ccollab batch command

I'm using the gerrit style script to do our reviews.  We wnat to use that script with a multiple repos.  For that reason I created a new Review Custom Field.  What I would like to know is how can I set that my custom field in my batch script.  There is the part of my script I'm using:


review_id=$($ccollab --quiet admin batch - <<ccollabBatchXml

<!-- Add Commit to Review -->

<!-- Specify Review ID to add to, or "new" to create new Review -->



<!-- Output Review ID, in case we created a new one -->

<!-- "last" means the Review we referenced/created with the addchangelist command. -->
<!-- Note we have to do this in the same "ccollab admin batch" script to ensure -->
<!-- the "last" variable does not get overrwritten by a concurrent process. -->

<!-- Output just the Review ID -->






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