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Best Tips to Find the Answer

Hello everyone!


Our SmartBear Community is a great resource you can use to find useful information regarding SmartBear products. And, if any question arises, the first step would be to search for the answer in the appropriate forum. If there are no similar topics found, feel free to make your own post to describe your question or share your tips and use cases. 


Search for existing topics

At the top of any Community page, there is a Search magnifying glass icon.  After clicking the icon, you can then modify the search criteria to look for the information among posts, users, or private messages.


You can also filter out the search results by location, author, date, metadata, type of post, or you can search for the results among topics that contain some images, attachments, etc.


Search Modifiers:

You can apply modifiers to the terms you enter in the search field.
Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase".
Use the plus sign to search for +one +or +more +words.
Use the minus sign to -exclude -certain -words from your search.



Create your own topic

The second option to find the answer to a question would be to create your own topic. Use the following instructions to ask your question in the Community:


First, navigate to the product forum where you would like to ask your question.
On the right, below the Search field, you will see the Ask a Question button. Click it, and you will be redirected to the New Message form. 

In the Subject field, enter a name that describes your question best.

In the Select Location field, choose the correct board for your question.

In the Body field, enter the description of what you are interested in.

Note: While filling in the Body field, you can use the menu to switch between the Rich Text, HTML, and Preview views for convenience. Enrich your text by adding photos, videos, emoticons, and format it as you wish using the Body field's toolbar. You can also attach a file to your post - for this, click the Choose file button below the Body field and browse for the file you want to attach.

Labels would provide an additional description to your topic. Type in your own label, or choose one of those listed. (where applicable)

When you are all set, click the Post button below the Body field on the right.


Following all the 6 steps demonstrated in the image will help you get answers to your question fast:




The topic is now created and available on the forum page you chose at the beginning. By default, you are automatically subscribed to all topics you participate in, so you will be notified via email when anyone replies, unless you manually unsubscribe.


Alternatively, to create your topic, you can navigate to the New Message form from the main Community page if you click the Ask a Question link on the top of the page. Make sure you choose the correct board for Select Location

Note: Don't hesitate to give Kudos to the replies you like and accept them as Solutions! Please see below to learn how to do this:

Say Thanks and Accept Solutions

Say thanks to the members who were trying to help you. Here are great ways to do this:

1. Post a reply to the topic 

2. Give Kudos to the post you like 

3. Mark the best reply as a solution by clicking the Accept as Solution button 



Hope these instructions help you to more easily find what you are looking for in the Community!