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FAQs - Community Ranks

What is a Community Rank?

The SmartBear Community has a built-in ranking system. This system takes into account all aspects of your activity on the forums and assigns the corresponding rank to you. We believe that ranking is a great way to understand where you currently are in your community journey.


What Ranks are There?

Here is the full list of available ranks. You start your journey as a New Member. The more you contribute to the Community - the faster you grow!

New Member
Occasional Visitor
Frequent Visitor
Regular Visitor
Established Member
Senior Member
New Contributor
Occasional Contributor
Frequent Contributor
Regular Contributor
Super Contributor

Valued Contributor
Trusted Contributor
Respected Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
Honored Contributor

Champion Level 0

Champion Level 1

Champion Level 2

Champion Level 3


Where is my Current Rank Displayed?

Your current rank is displayed on your profile page. Plus, your rank defines which color your profile name is written in on the forums. Looking at a person's name color is the fast and easy way to figure out their placement in the SmartBear Community ranking system.


How Can I Get a Higher Rank?

To be ranked higher, keep your activity up in the SmartBear Community. Another way to boost your movement up the ranking ladder is through winning community badges. Badges are designed in such a way that with each badge won, you are getting closer to the next rank.


Good luck on your Community journey!