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7 months ago

Unstable behaviour in Smartbear Secure Tunnel

Hi team,

I am using the Secure Tunnel application to access lower environments that don't have an SSL certificate. After connecting to the Secure Tunnel, I can see in the bitbar that Secure Tunnel is On. Then, I can execute my scripts in the lower environment. However, in the middle of the execution, I encounter the 'Your connection isn't private' page because we don't have an SSL certificate. Surprisingly, the Secure Tunnel isn't turned off; it remains On. I can't understand what is causing the issue. Is there a time limit to execute scripts using the Secure Tunnel? Please help me understand this unstable behavior. Check the attached screenshots for your reference. Thanks in advance.

In the beginning, there are no issues, and I can connect to the website without any problems.

After 25 mins of execution I got the below page


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  • The problem with Secure Tunnel may be caused by a temporary restriction on script execution. Try checking the runtime settings in Secure Tunnel.