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12 months ago

From CrossBrowser to BitBar... How do you generate multiple desktop or iOS screenshots

With CrossBrowser, you could easily test one URL across multiple browsers and generate and view all of the screenshots. How do you do this on BitBar? Thank you!

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  • Hey mgrimley 


    This is Justin, product manager for VisualTest here at SmartBear.


    BitBar does not have the same "URL" screenshotting capability in the product.

    SmartBear did just release a new product called VisualTest, thats slightly similar in this regard where it is an automated visual regression tool that's SDK-based.

    With that said, VisualTest also doesn't have the URL Screenshots yet, but we are currently working on the first iteration of that feature (about 1~2 months to go till production, and it likely will have preset browser configurations in the first iteration), but users will be able to input a URL and get full-page screenshots from various different OS/Browser configurations. 


    I'm very interested in learning more about your use case surrounding the URL screenshots;

    I'll list them below, but if you'd rather get on a short zoom call, that would be even better! (you can DM me here via the community messages)


    • Do you use any additional features listed under the URL bar? (such as adding short selenium scripts, for example to accept cookies, etc)
    • How do you determine the browsers to test on? Given that CBT does not always have the latest browsers, are you specifically looking to test older browsers?
    • What is the biggest value you get out of the screenshotting feature? How does this help you make decisions?
    • Do you find value in the “dom layout” difference results that CBT provides? OR are the X number of differences listed across those full-page screenshots something you usually disregard (and proceed to do a glance over at the screens)
    • What kinds of differences are you looking for? Given that there should be differences across different OS, browsertype, resolution, etc. how do you determine what is right or not?
    • Do you use any of the other features such as scheduling, sending emails, etc. What is the one you find most valuable and why?