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5 years ago

[FAQ] iOS Test Automation Frameworks

We support XCTest, XCUITest, AppiumJasmineKIF and Calabash for iOS test automation with Bitbar.


Is iOS Test based on UI Automation, which means it can only test UIKit components or?

As of XCode8 release UIAutomation is no longer supported in Bitbar testing public cloud, as Apple has dropped support for it.


How are you handling the provisioning profiles to be able to test on devices?

We replace your provisioning profile with our provisioning profile. No need to root or jailbreak devices to get this done.


Can I test Cocos2d or C++ OpenGL based games?

Yes, you can. To get this done effectively you have to think what test automation framework fits to best for your needs and will the framework work with your app/game.


Is there support to automatically handle iOS dialogues?

Currently the handling of iOS dialogues is handled through used test framework. We have internal tools using which we are able to avoid and dismiss OS dialogues outside of test runs.


How can I start an iOS Appcrawler run using Bitbar RiC?

iOS Appcrawler isn’t available at the moment in Run in Cloud -plugin


How can I start an iOS Appcrawler using API?

You can do it on iOS UI Automation project -type.

API Calls:

  1. Get current project config: GET /api/v2/projects/{projectId}/config
  1. Set Project Config: POST /api/v2/projects/{projectId}/config
projectId, {projectId}


usedDeviceGroupId, {deviceGroupId} (mandatory, or test run start fails)
  1. Start new Test Run: POST /api/v2/runs