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3 years ago

Report Types and Their Date Ranges

Each Report type has a set date range that determines how much data can be aggregated to generate the report. Depending on the report type, you can select one, several, or all monitors. The Date range for report types in both single selection and multi-monitor selection have been provided below:


Singe Monitor Selection Multi-Site Selection
Report Type: Date Range: Report Type: Date Range:
Detail 31 Days Monitor Summary 92 Days
Hourly 31 Days Site Status Report Today Only
Daily 184 Days SLA Summary 366 days
Regional Breakdown 184 Days Summary Statistics 92 days.
Statistics By Hour of Day 92 Days Usage Report 999 Days
SLA Detail 92 Days Usage Report Summary 999 Days
SLA Summary 366 days Notifications Detail 184 Days
ContentView Summary 31 Days Outage Detail 92 days.
Transaction Step 184 Days    
Transaction Step Summary 184 Days    
Page Objects 31 Days    
Notifications Detail 184 Days    
Outage Detail 92 Days    
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