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7 years ago

Deja Error Message: The recording exceeds the number of action steps for the selected plan code.

There are some customers that still have legacy DejaURL Plans Instead of UBM Credits. With DejaURL Plans, Only One Step is Allowed in the Deja transaction. If one attempts to upload a transaction with more than one action/step with a DejaURL Plan, one will see this error in a dialogue pop-up:

"The recording exceeds the number of action steps for the selected plan code. Continue with Upload?"

If one proceeds with upload and does a Test On Demand, one will see the following error:

"Test stopped due to error
While running a multi-step transaction on your site, we used more steps than are allowed by your billing plan. You can either record a new transaction or contact your Performance Advisor to purchase more steps."

If one allows the invalid DejaURL to run, it will show a ST94 error:

"Number of Actions for this transaction exceeds the selected billing plan limit (1). "

The following video shows a multiple Action/Step transaction being uploaded with a DejaURL Plan. The video shows these errors. The video shows also ''appending'' to the transaction to reduce the number of Action/Steps to one. The upload and Test On Demand are successful once this is done. (The video was done using 1.0 classic AlertSite UI.)

If one desires a multi-step Deja transaction license, one will need to contact their account manager.


If you see this error using DejaClick with UBM or a DejaPRO Plan license, this means there are too many actions/steps in the transaction. There is a limit of 50 actions in UBM DejaClick transactions and a limit of 10 actions in a standard DejaPRO license.


This post was due to a recent Customer Care case. A knowledge base article was also created:

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