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10 years ago

AlertSite UXM to focus on Chrome

The time has come for us to GoToChrome. 

Yes, anyone close to my age is now humming "Kodachrome" - but in fairness, this is a big shift for SmartBear, for AlertSite, and for our customers. 

An upcoming version of Firefox (v36, due in February) will be incompatible with our Firefox DejaClick recorder plugin. We are taking advantage of this situation to accelerate our plans to bring some exciting Chrome enhancements to our Platform.


There are three key components to Chrome upgrade initiative:

1.      The Chrome browser agent will be deployed to all nodes in the public AlertSite monitoring network,

2.      The Chrome DejaClick recorder will be significantly upgraded from both a functionality and design perspective,

3.       The Chrome browser agent will be deployed to InSite monitoring servers. 


Here are some important facts for those who want to keep using Firefox:

1.      First, prevent auto update of Firefox after version 35. Staying with FF 35 will allow you full functionality. 

2.      If you auto-update to v36, SmartBear will offer a Firefox 35 bundle for    download.  This bundle will include the latest DejaClick recorder plugin.

3.      The Firefox playback agent will continue to be suppurted, updated, and available across our public monitoring network and InSite servers. 

4.      Your existing monitors will continue running on Firefox as they do today. 

5.       New scripts created with the Chrome DejaClick recorder can be deployed as monitors on any browser in our network.

In short, we are taking advantage of this shift in the browser market to improve our recording and playback capabilities and provide you with more options.  As always, our customers are our top priority.  If you have additional concerns, please feel free to contact our team, and follow us on Twitter.