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11 years ago

Windows 8.1

I tried to update to Windows 8.1 and got a message to uninstall "Sentinel Runtime Drivers". If I'm not mistaken, this is AQTime's doing.

What should I do aside from uninstalling AQTime which I don't want to do as I find it very valuable... on the other hand, its licensing system seems to be quite troublesome.

  • Hi Albert,


    AQtime's licensing system may show this error. I'm not sure why the licensing modules are removed. As far as I remember, HASP (the third-party vendor of the licensing system) doesn't officially support Windows 8.1. So, this might be the cause of the behavior.


    Anyway, the latest License Manager utility version installs the HASP licensing system v. 6.60 that works fine on Windows 8.1 (our R&D team has tested it). You can download the utility from here:


    Let us know whether this helps.

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