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15 years ago

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Hello AQTime Support Team,

So far I have experienced a high level of technical quality in your support. However I would be happy if you could reduce the mean response delay. Like I guess a majority of developers (and ok, this is probably not the best practice), I go to profiling mainly in two circumstances : in the final development stages before release, and upon big/blocking problem reported by a customer and not obvious in the source code. In both cases the profiling tool is a critical mean and there is a lot of pressure around.

Thanks for your support anyway, AQTime keeps one of the smartest tools I have ever used.


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  • Hi Michel,

    First of all, I strongly recommend that you use the AQtime Troubleshooter:

    Even if you do not solve your problem immediately, the Troubleshooter will help you collect all the additional information which will help us solve the problem. This will significantly reduce the time needed for the investigation.

    Also, note that we usually try to give precise replies and answer all the questions asked in a message. So, if you ask ten questions in a single support case, it will take us ten times more time to reply to such a message than to a message with a single question. Also, if an answer to your question requires some investigation and/or reproducing some behavior on our side, this obviously delays the response too.

    As for the messages' priority, the highest priority is given to messages submitted via our Contact Support form ( with the Customer ID specified. If you have an active Maintenance Subscription, it increases the priority even more. See the following web page for more information:

    For example, this support case has the lowest priority in our database as it is created on forums. The lowest priority is also given to questions asked on newsgroups and via the Contact Support form without the Customer ID specified.