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14 years ago

Rad Studio XE menu shortcuts

I use AQTime integrated with Delphi XE.

AQTime uses Ctrl-Alt-L and Ctrl-Alt-X shortcuts in the Delphi View menu. How to change this ?  There is a conflict with polish national chracter keyboard input using this sequences (for ł and ź characters).

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  • Hello Marek,

    Currently, RAD Studio XE does not provide a way to change shortcuts of menu items. Please contact us via our Contact Support form. We will provide you with a solution to change the shortcuts.

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    Thank you for your replay.

    It looks like a joke, however

    When I fill the support form you suggested, it tells me that this product is supported by Embarcadero, so I should contact them. :-)

    So, what do I have to fill in there to get information you suggested?


  • Hello Marek,

    Just specify the AQtime Pro edition in the form. Your request is applied to the Pro edition too.