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11 years ago

QSort vs Bucket Sort video

I was looking at the video shown here:

And I noticed that there seems to be an erroneous conclusion stated.  According to the narrator, qsort was faster than bucket sort because Program::Main() took longer in the qsort version.  However, that doesn't compare the speed of the sort algo.  It compares the running time of the Main() function.

According to the Form1::Sort() function results, it would appear that the bucket sort is faster.  (See screenshot attached or go to the video to see original).

Or am I reading/understanding something incorrectly?


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    Hm-m-m... Haven't seen the video itself :), but from the screenshot I would say that the performance is the same (for the used data set). Both functions took 0.01s to execute.

    Probably, I am missing something as well... :)
  • I'd say that's a rounding error since the (R1/R2)*100 for Time with Children shows 73.10%.