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14 years ago

Profiling CLR assembly inside SQL Server 2008

I was following this:

I made sure that all the option are set as described.

Still cannot see the routines of my assembly (all other calls to the system assemblies are visible). The description above is for SQL Server 2005. Is it possible that AQTime doesn't work with SQL Server 2008?

The event view shows that my assembly was loaded into the app domain but nothing is displayed in the report about this assembly, though calles to the system assemblies made by my routines are clearly visible. Any suggestions?

BTW, I'm using the trial version and planning to buy the software if I can get it working.

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  • Hi,

    An update on this issue:

    Looks like we have reproduce the described problem when using SQL Server 2008.

    We are yet to determine whether it is related to the version of SQL Server.

    We will keep you updated on the progress.

  • Hi Laszlo,

    It is taking us more time than we originally planned. However, we should get some results really soon.

  • Hi Laszlo,

    Here are the results of our investigation:

    It is possible to profile a CLR assembly loaded to SQL Server 2008 using the steps provided in the mentioned article.

    When doing this, we have discovered an issue in AQtime - it shows certain routines twice in the profiling results for the mentioned scenario. We will work to fix this.

    But, in general, the described technique is working and can be used for SQL Server 2008. So, make sure you follow the steps in the article carefully.