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15 years ago

Performance regression


I am using AQTime as performance profiler to optimize slow parts of our c++ application. But now we need some tool for performance regression testing. Is it possible to use AQTime as measurement tool. For example, I added trigger to method SAVETOFILE and AQTime reported about 10000 ticks. Will AQTIme report the same 10000 ticks next time or it will be around 10000 (9500, 10500)?

Is it possible to use AQTime to compare performance of two releases of our product? For example, AQTime reported about 10000 ticks for  myProduct v5. And 5000 ticks for SAVETOFILE from  myProduct v6. Does it means that we got 50% bonus in performance? or AQTime results are not so stable ?


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  • Hi Alex,

    The time measured by AQtime depends solely on your application's behavior. If it takes the same time to execute the needed actions, there will be no changes in the measured results. As for comparing results, AQtime provides a special feature for that. Please see the "Comparing and Merging Results" help topic ( ) for more information.