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15 years ago

Fault detection Help needed

I am using AQtimer with Visual studio2008. In my program i fount 2 faults in particular  class.
Can anyone help me how to clear that fault. Here i can c callgraph and call tree and can trace the error there.

But how to change or rectify the fault in code. Need help...

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Sijith James,

    You can profile your application by using a line-level area, double-click a routine which is reported to have faults, open the Editor panel and see what exact lines caused faults in the editor grid at the left side of the panel. If you do not have the 'Faults' and 'Faults with Children' columns in the grid, right-click the grid's header and select the 'Field Chooser' item from the context menu. Upon doing this, drag the needed columns to the grid header.

    Please see a sample image attached.