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11 years ago

a bug: the program is not installed correctly to a non-default folder

I installed AQtimePro750x64.exe to "Program Files" instead  of "Program Files (x86)" suggested by the installer. This seemed logical for me, because the program was 64-bit. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

But then I had troubles with running AQtime: it could not find or start its system service displaying according message boxes "The required AQtime 7 Service (x64) is not installed. Unable to perform the requested action.", so it was hardly workable.

After reinstalling it to "Program Files (x86)" it worked correctly.

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    Hi Dmirty,

    I think that despite the fact that you was installing 64-bit version of the program, it had to install both 64- and 32-bit modules. So it appeared that 64-bit modules from 'Program Files'  were overwritten by the 32-bit modules that had to go into 'Program Files (x86)'.

    Just my guess... but you can verify it by checking if you have AQtime's modules in both 'Program Files'  and 'Program Files (x86)' folders.
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    Hi Guys,


    Alexei, you are right. The 64-bit version of AQtime installs modules into both folders: Program Files and Program Files (x86).

    So, the installation folder is correct.


  • Right, the program indeed uses both "Program Files" folders. IMHO, this is a doubtful approach, but acceptable.

    The problem is that it's not able to handle the case, when the user selects non-default folder for installation.