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We are using Zephyr for JIRA 4.5.  I have some functional test cases that are  created for a specific release. We have situation sometimes where some of these test cases have to be executed during other release testing also. Could you please let us know what is the effective way of reusing the test cases (without cloning) and still be able to have status with respect to the latest release. We need to be able to set the status of the test case to ‘Pass’ /Fail to close a particular  release.

Any guidance/support/feedback is highly appreciated

(Note: Customer ID: NIH . Support Entitlement Number (SEN): SEN-10472017)






You can use the JIRA's version to execute the different version.

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. In the project menu, click on Releases.

  3. Select the Version name text box, enter a name, and click Add.
    Version names are typically numeric, for example, 1.0 or 2.1.1. You could also consider using an internal codename.


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HI @kchinnaraju!


I see that you replied straight to email notification, this way your reply won't show in the Communit. Please reply inside the Community next time, for now, I'll copy your answer here. Thank you!


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Hi @BibekBehera ,
Thank you for the quick response. When I do that the status of the test cases shows as ‘Pass’ from the previous release. How do I overcome this?
We can have a WebEx session if needed and you can walk me through if that’s easy.


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Hi @kchinnaraju,

Was the issue resolved?

If you are still looking for a solution, I suggest that you reach out our Support Team here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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