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Zephyr Squad - How can I import my Excel workbook into jira?

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Zephyr Squad - How can I import my Excel workbook into jira?

I have a workbook with 16 worksheets of test cases.  Need instructions on how to import them into Zephyr.  Also, I do not see test steps when I create a new test.  Is there some configuration I need to set up in order to see that?  Thank you!


Hi @JagadeshMadhura ,


I have been having issue importing testrail  cases csv or xlsx  to zephyr squad, thats being evaluated now. I have simplified to just 3 rows csv /xlsx with relevant column titles.

1. Setup: I can load the file without any issue - no config file was chosen

2. Setting: I chose to start from 2nd row and then sheet (xlsx has just 1 sheet) 

Row number to begin import * 2
Discriminator : Sheet

3. Clicking next jumps back to : setip with a message: No message available


Import Tests into Markbot
No message available
Could you please help?
Need to make decision on this soon.



Sorry for the delay in my response. The scenario which I can think of is your xlsx size might be more than 10MB. Can you please reimport with less than 10mb file and if its still issue can you please Raise support ticket




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