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Zephyr Squad BDD - Adding a scenario fails because 'Description' is required

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Zephyr Squad BDD - Adding a scenario fails because 'Description' is required

Hi I just starting out using the BDD feature in Zephyr Squad but when I try to enter the a scenario I get a pop up error message saying:

{"description":"Description is required"}


I've read that a feature is a "Story" type issue and a scenario is a "test" type issue but in our project "Description" is set as a required field for both stories and tests, but I don't know how to show the description field to be able to populate it for the "scenario".

Any help resolving this would be most greatly appreciated.




Note : Description is displayed for the main story/feature




Hello @KayChamberlain ,


The mandatory field UI in the scenario section is yet to be implemented. As a workaround you can do following:


  1. Create the BDD feature.
  2. Create a test case from the Create a Test menu option or from the Create button at the top header.
  3. Add label BDD_Scenario to the test case.
  4. Link the test case using the issue link relates to to the BDD feature.


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thankyou @sanjeevpande, that has worked !!
Do you know when/if it will be implemented as it is a little bit annoying that you cant just use it as one would expect without having to faff around creating new issue and linking it..?



Hello @KayChamberlain ,


Glad to know that it worked. Can't provide you an ETA now, but this is something we already are aware about. So, I will let you know here once it get planned. Hope that is fine.

Thankyou, my team will look forward to an update and hopefully it will be soon !

Is there a way to help raise the priority of this requirement?

Thanks again



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