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Zephyr Project Setup

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Zephyr Project Setup



We're attempting to setup Zephyr for Jira (5.6.5). I don't see anywhere in the documentation where you actually setup a Zephyr project (or if that even exists?).


We want to aggregate a group of tests (will need to be manually entered) into one project (i.e. a Test Project). These will be linked back to dozens of other primarily 'Scrum' Software projects. 


Is their a prescribed way to do this? If I create a new software project for example, I get three choices (Scrum, Kanban and Basic)? What is the difference re: Zephyr implementation? Or - is a business project a better way to approach this?


Hi @tradam,

Zephyr works on a jira project itself. There is no separate zephyr project as such. Like any other issue types zephyr creates an issue type Test which can be associated to any project. Issue Type test can be used to carry out all the zephyr related functions.

So you have to have the test cases distributed across all the projects in which you need to use them. A simple approach would be to create the test cases in one project, have the same exported and imported in all the other projects.

All the best!

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That makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll muck around a bit more and circle back if I have any further questions. 

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