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Zephyr Issue with Traceability Matrix (not filtering)

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Zephyr Issue with Traceability Matrix (not filtering)

I link a Test to every Bug and User Story

There are 17 tests (17 executions) in my Test Cycle that is nested under “Unscheduled”




But when I select the traceability matrix and filter with the cycle I want (the one with 17 tests), I expect to see the 17 User Stories/Bugs linked to the 17 tests that were executed, but it grabs 278 User Stories/Bugs.  So I think this is a Zephyr issue with traceability matrix. The Matrix is supposed to show the mapping between a requirement to a test to an execution to a defect, but when filtering by cycle it shows me requirements not related to the cycle.





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Have you got this issue sorted? I have the same problem in my zephyr project. Only type and version filters work. Cycle, folder and status won't filter data at all. Can you help?
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This is unresolved for me @Asa 

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   I think there is a possible workaround for the issue. After having opened the traceability report please select filter by issue ( where issue is a filter you created and published previously in Jira able to filter the tickets you want to track as to coverage and execution).

In this way the traceability report provides the same items included in the traceability tab of the test cycle

I hope it helps.


Hi, how are you able to select 'filter by issue' using the new view?   That doesn't seem to exist for me.  


The filters seem to be completely broken at the moment, e.g. using versions, cycles, folders don't work at all.  Has this been raised as a bug to the Zephyr team?  

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