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When will Zephyr Squad work with Jira 9?

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When will Zephyr Squad work with Jira 9?

I just installed Jira Server 9.0 and need Zephyr Squad, but it looks like Zephyr Squad is not compatible unless we go back to Jira version 8.22. I was able to install Zephyr Squad but get errors everywhere I go so it's pretty obvious it isn't compatible. 


When will Zephyr Squad be available for Jira 9? Or do I have to go backwards with Jira?


Thanks for your help. 


Hi @henryj , 


The changes needed to make Zephyr Squad compatible with Jira 9.0 is done and the new release will be available in couple of days.


Thank you.

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Thank you, I'll keep my eyes open for it.

@henryj I have upgrade to Jira data center 9.0 and update Zephyr squad to latestet compatible version.

Installation goes fine but then I find out some issue.


When you open a Test ticket, sometimes the Test Details section is not shown


I need to refresh multiple time the page if I am lucky to get it visible.

Did you notice this behavior also in your side ?




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Serge, sorry for the delay in responding. 


I think I saw that behavior a couple of times in the beginning. But to be honest, I have only worked with Jira and Zephyr for a few weeks now. We are setting up a brand new instance so we haven't actually rolled it out to users yet. So I am not actively using the tool yet, other than from an administrators point of view. 


Good luck!



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