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Sorting tests for execution in a folder

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Sorting tests for execution in a folder

I have imported a number of tests in Zephyr Squad Cloud:


I would like to sort by Summary, but I can't (no sort arrow). So I added Labels, which does have a sort arrow. But when I click on the arrow, incorrect sorting occurs.

One way:


The other way:


Different but not sorted.


Back in the old days there was a Reorder Executions, but it seems to be gone away:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


This is a consistent issue for us, as well.  The issue with Labels is we will use multiple so we can set up custom searches, but when you have more than one Label they appear in the order they were added so sorting a test cycle using them doesn't work very well for us.


The best we've been able to cobble together is adding a single Component to each test case, and then each summary starts with an abbreviation for the component and a number to determine the order.  For instance one Component might be "User Reports" and the test case Summaries are UR.1, UR.2, UR.3, etc.  Then we can at least sort by Component and then eyeball the list to know which test cases to run in which order.  


Not at all an elegant solution as adding new or deprecating old test cases results in some creative naming (UR.2a, UR.2b, etc.) but it gives us some ability to sort.

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Thanks for you comments. I have tried labels, but even though they show as sortable, the don't sort. It seems that the test execution sequence is only by ID. So, you virtually have to load the test in the sequence you want to execute, and that is not always going to work either. Sigh. Does SmartBear read these posts and react to them?

That's right, the Labels don't really do anything when it comes to sorting.  We are using the Components field for that as you can sort that column in the test cycle view.

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Thanks. I will try that.

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Brilliant. Why does SmartBear make it so hard?

Glad I could help with a workaround!  There are so many small things that I would do to this application to make it more user friendly.

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Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. Components doesn't really sort, either. Or maybe it does, but the base ID seems to sort first, Being unique, it is controlling. I will have to upload exactly in the sequence I want. And keep grizzling to SmartBear.

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