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Migration from Zephyr Squad to Scale

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Migration from Zephyr Squad to Scale

Dear community, 


we are currently investigating all possible ways to migrate our testcases (including attachments / screenshots of test-steps / related cycles and other artefacts) from Zephyr Squad to Zephyr Scale, with the least manual involvement. We are talking about 1200 test cases. We only want to use one test-management addon in the future. We currently have both addons running on the same Jira Data Center instance.

So what are the possibilities? Anybody had the same scenario at hand and came up with a solution? 

Thanks, Christoph


Hi Christoph,


There are two ways you could accomplish this.


I would suggest exporting your Squad test cases in batches, then remove the unneeded columns and then upload it to Scale. The documentation outlines the formatting and accepted columns:


If that's too manual of a process, you could also migrate data with an API using post/put requests. Here's the API documentation -


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