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Migration from X-ray to Zephyr

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Migration from X-ray to Zephyr

Our company is planning to switch from Xray to Zephyr Squad. I am looking to see if we can easily migrate all X-ray related issue types from Xray to Zephyr. So, curious if the X-ray and Zephyr Squad Jira issue types map one to one, and if there will be any loss of information or documents when migrating all of the Xray related issue types to Zephyr (i.e. test results docs, test scenarios as we are using Cucumber test-type, and any historical-data i.e. who changes what?)


Thanks for your help!


Hi @msiddig 


To migrate your Xray data to Zephyr Squad, you need to use the REST APIs. Please follow the below steps to migrate your data:


Migration of test cases with no test steps: All XRay test cases issue type can be updated to issue type Test by Jira bulk move feature. -
- Migration of test cases with test steps: Export test cases from xray and import them using Importer. -
- Migration of test cycles: Use REST API to create cycles. -
- Migration of test executions: Use REST API to create executions. -
- Migration of defects: Utilize Jira issue type bugs or any other issue type and link those to test executions using REST API. -
- Migration of execution and step statuses: Using REST API -

Additional links:
How to use REST API:
Getting started with Zephyr Squad:


I would appreciate if you could drop me an email at so that we can go over the above methods in detail and also look at the scenarios for moving to Zephyr Squad.


Thank you.


Best regards,

Sanjeev Pande  

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Hi, may I ask why you decided to change from Xray to Zephyr Squad? Currently, after lots of discussions and pros and cons, we bought Zephyr Squad and now there is a big discussion in our development why we don't buy Xray. Might be your arguments could help me.



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