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It possible to perform searches with a custom test step level field

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It possible to perform searches with a custom test step level field

It possible to perform searches with a custom test step level field, i want to do a search using below field 







Currently it's possible to search within test steps or custom fields. You can search for other areas on the jira asset utilizing JQL 

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Thanks do you have an example ZQL on how I would search with custom step level field "Step Assignee" for a certain name?

Because this is a custom field in Zephyr, I don't think you can search for it using JQL. You can try "contains text" but I haven't had much success with it. If it's something you'll know you'll have to search for often, I would suggest adding a custom JIRA field or utilizing an existing JIRA field. 


This is a helpful resource for JQL - 

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I did come across below but unclear on how to use ZCF - does anyone have an example with ZCF usage?


“Fields” custom field

  • After selecting the custom field type, users must provide a name for the custom field.
  • The name for the custom field is essentially the column header for the custom field.
  • The name of the custom field can also be search in test execution search using ZQL.
  • The keyword when searching for a defined custom field is ZCF.


If you have a custom checkbox with the header called Custom Status and one of the options is Finished? and you want to search for test executions that are Finished?, use the following:

Custom Status = "Finished?"

Good find! I've tried searching for data in my custom fields in many ways but was unsuccessful. I'm not sure that's still a feature so I'm going to ask our product team and follow up here once I have an answer on ZCF.  

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Great - Thank you for looking into this. Will help in my test process mapping

Just confirmed that you can can search custom fields in Zephyr Squad, but you would need to do this from the "Search Test Executions" page.  Custom fields are searchable by name and the 'zcf' keyword is no longer needed, in the screenshot below, my custom fields are 'Order' and 'API status code':  




The documentation is out of date and should be updated soon, thanks for calling this out! 


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Thank you for looking into this further - greatly appreciated.

For my one only limited fields are appearing when I attempt the search as shown below  



should both types of custom fields be available?




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Furthermore my custom field is enabled in the project but it isnt found in the column nor the search - Tried reindexing but no change - are the "Test Steps" tab custom field treated differently to the custom fields under "Executions" tab




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