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Error code 104 on any request

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Error code 104 on any request

Hello all, 

I'm currently working to implement the Zephyr API for NUnit tests in C# and starting approximately  two hours ago all the requests I make using the Postman or from the code are returning the following error: 

 "errorType": "ERROR",
    "clientMessage": "We encountered some problems during processing this request. Please try again!",
    "errorCode": 104
In the morning the same request with the same data worked without any issues.
I'm calling the following endpoints: 
Do you know what can be the cause of this error? 
Thank you 



YES!!!!!!! Seems to be fixed now! I am getting no errors. This is great news!!!!

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Yes it is working also on my side 

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Looks like it is still broken, or it broke again 😞


I am getting error 104 when calling teststep/{IssueId}?projectId={projectId}



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Starting today, we've been seeing the 104 error again as well. In our case, when calling:


Its strange. those errors should be only happening in some of the api calls.

For the the follwoing calls work fine on my side:

_zapi.Get($"{ZapiSource}/cycles/search", $"projectId={projectId}&versionId={versionId}")

_zapi.Get($"{ZapiSource}/executions", $"issueId={issueId}&offset={offset}&projectId={projectId}");

Hi, anyone facing issues today? We are not getting any response from APIs. Timeout error!!

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Starting from yesterday I'm facing the same issue again😞


{"errorType":"ERROR","clientMessage":"We encountered some problems during processing this request. Please try again!","errorCode":104}

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