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Error code 104 on any request

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Error code 104 on any request

Hello all, 

I'm currently working to implement the Zephyr API for NUnit tests in C# and starting approximately  two hours ago all the requests I make using the Postman or from the code are returning the following error: 

 "errorType": "ERROR",
    "clientMessage": "We encountered some problems during processing this request. Please try again!",
    "errorCode": 104
In the morning the same request with the same data worked without any issues.
I'm calling the following endpoints: 
Do you know what can be the cause of this error? 
Thank you 


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Same issue. Look like it is related to the recent maintenance. According all the systems are operational, but still doesn't work.

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Still doesn't work.

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Do you have new information about this issue? The API is still not working 

We are using similar API calls. Getting Internal Server error 500 - everything was working fine until Friday. Any help on how to have this resolved? 

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I'm getting the same error when I'm trying to clone a test cycle using this endpoint:'.


Any updates on this issue?



I have opened a new zephyr squad request ticket for this issue. They respond to the request that they are able to reproduce the issue and they logged a new defect for this. 

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Hi all


The same problem is happening to me. I am using RestSharp and until last Thursday everything was working fine and now I am getting this error on every request:


{"errorType":"ERROR","clientMessage":"We encountered some problems during processing this request. Please try again!","errorCode":104}


Plus it takes like 30 seconds to 1 minute to even get a response from the server ("response = _restClient.Execute(request);")



José Brazeta

I Hope they fix this soon, because I run tests in a remote machine and on the Test Finalization method I collect the test results and send it to the Zephyr Test Cycle. Right now I cannot update anything on zephyr (I have more than 2K test methods that I cannot update in my team current test cycle)

Looks like it is resolved now. Can others confirm it as well? 

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