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Always Down

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Always Down

Is anyone else extremely tired of paying a lot of money for Zephyr for it to always be down or having issues??


Came here because Zephyr is down, and I thought this was a message from today 😂


Hang in there, friends!


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Yes, I am more than extremely tired of very poor performance of Zephyr cloud. It isn't getting better with time either.....

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Zephyr squad is not bringing up anything since yesterday 3 pm UK time. The service portal keeps showing all green, which is wrong. 

And how embarrassing is it when I have my 1:1 with my manager and I try to tell him our timeline slipped due to Zephyr being down/too slow to use and looking at the status page everything is green!  😬  AWKWARD

Ha ha - hey look!  GREEN for 11/16 and 11/17!  It's a miracle!  We must have just been imagining things 😄



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Can totally relate to the frustration in this thread. I have replaced and it worked. Not sure for how long i will be able to do this. But, it works. just replace api with play in the url still gives me bad gateway error. it was working fine till last week.
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