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how to create and use test library

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how to create and use test library

hello, we are testing out Zephyr Scale in the trial period, specifically testing out how test cases can be stored in a library and reused for across projects.

But we can't figure out the way to reuse the test cases in the library(the library is a specific jira project that contains all the approved test cases, is that right?),could you kindly show us how to reuse  test cases in different projects. 

for example:

1. we would establish and maintain a test library with all the products modules, all the test cases in other projects generated from the library.

2. In different projects, the testers could call(reuse) the test cases in the library and execute the test in the project, and then the library would record all the reuse records of this test case

is that possible for us?


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What you're trying to achieve is possible.  For example, in your project(s), create a new Test Cycle, entering basic info in the Details tab, then go to the Test Cases tab (1 over to the right), click on the Add Test Cases button, in the top left-hand corner, navigate to your project (the library will change) and then go to the folder and start selecting the test cases you want to add - clicking Close and then Save to save your changes.


And points 1 and 2 are possible.  In the test case, it's possible to see the execution history in the Execution tab, showing which test cycles in which it was executed.


Does that help?



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hi, thanks for your kindly reply.

but I wonder that if "navigate to your project (the library will change) " means there is no common library that contains different projects test cases. or we call it a baselined summarized test cases with all the product features now?



Hopefully I'm understanding what it is you're aiming to achieve.  I'll map it out below and how it's done.  Let's say we have 3 projects: a project called Library that contains all baseline test cases, and other projects called Execution1 and Execution2 that will use subsets of the test cases from the Library.  You can do this as follows:


Project Library

- has a folder structure in the Tests section (where test cases are stored)

- let's say you create a folder structure like this:


All Products

Product A

Test case 1

Test case 2

Test case 3

Product B

Test case 4

Test case 5

Test case 6

Product C

Test case 7

Test case 8

Test case 9


Now, you navigate to Project Execution1.  And create a Cycle called Product A Test1.  In there, you follow my previous advice and navigate to the Library project to find and add the selection of tests that you want to be executed.  And you can repeat this process in another projects as needed.  I would say that to make this easier for you, it's important to get the Library project in a very good structure.


When it comes to seeing the results of, say, Test case 1, you can click on that test case anywhere it has been executed, and using the traceability tab, see at glance the full execution history across multiple projects.


Hope that helps but if you need a bit more help let me know.


Best, Andy

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and what do you mean by “navigate to your project (the library will change) ”,i can't find this operation. 



I'm using the Server version of the Zephyr so my functionality could be a bit different if you're on the Cloud version but there are 2 ways of doing this - see images attached.  One shows how to switch to another project in the Tests page, and the other shows how to switch to another project library when adding test cases in the Test Cycle.


Adding test cases to cycles is explained in the help files, here: Creating a Test Cycle | Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Documentation ( It doesn't show how to add test cases from another library but in step 6 you will see there is a dropdown arrow next to ERP, and that is where you can access another project library.




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Hi Andy,

    I'm really appreciate your kindly reply for my question. And what you've described is exactly what we want. But it seems that there is no dropdown arrow next to a library/project name. so we could not change the library or add test cases from another project library.





I'm assuming that you are on Zephyr Cloud (which I don't have) but even so, I would expect that you can add test cases from other projects in the Cloud version.  I've added images showing how to do that in the Server version and hopefully it will work for you too.  After you've added the test cases you simply need to click the Save button to record those changes.


If this doesn't work for you, can I suggest you contact the support team - I'm sure they can help you out.


Best of luck, Andy

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Hi Andy,


Thank you so much. According to your screenshot and description, finally I found the way to change project and choose test cases from other project. That really helps a lot and solves the most important problem we faced. 

But there is still another small question: 


If we established a baselined library that called TEST library,

and we have  2 projects  called Project 1 and Project 2, 

if the way what we worked is that we create and review test cases in Project 1 or Project 2 within test cycles or test plans instead of TEST library , and when we finish the review of these test cases, we want to archive or manage these reviewed test cases into TEST library, since the project navigation function only happened in 「test cycle」section, so the only way for us is creates a test cycle in TEST library and then choose those reviewed test cases in Project 1? OR there is other ways we could navigate test cases into the baselined TEST library?

 Thanks a lot!




Good news - you made it!


Regarding the next scenario, I think you are saying there are two scenarios:


1. Project A uses tests from Project Library

2. Project A creates a test (Test ABC) that is not in Project Library


In scenario 2, I don't think it is possible to review the status Test ABC from within Project Library unless you added it to a Cycle in Project Library.  But as you say, you could add those tests into a Cycle in Project Library and monitor them that way, but, if what you want to do is add those Test ABC into Project Library, there is an Import from Other Projects function for that in the Tests area (where the test cases are all listed) - you need to click on the "..." button to see that.



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