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Zephyr Scale Tracelink Table & Latest Execution Not Showing on Jira Screen

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Zephyr Scale Tracelink Table & Latest Execution Not Showing on Jira Screen

I'm running into an issue that is kind of odd and I want to learn more about how the tracelink table works in the database and it's because of this:


We have a defect in Jira that shows the execution's for test cases (nothing suspect there) however, for one of the test cases it shows the failing execution which IS NOT the latest execution (because the latest execution is passing) so the latest is not being pulled into the list of executions tied to the defect.


To make things more odd, there is another test case that appears to be linked the same exact way as the other test case, it has two executions, one passing one failing (the failure was first then the pass) but it shows the passing execution instead of the failing execution. So we're trying to understand why this is happening?


The reason I mentioned the tracelink table is because I also do the Data & Analytics for Jira / Zephyr using PowerBI and when I originally went to build out the data model this portion was very confusing since there are tables that seem like they should handle these relationships but they're completely blank and never written into. The tables are called: ISSUE_TO_TEST_CASE & ISSUE_TO_TEST_RESULT and they have 0 entries in all 3 of our environments. The only table that handles these relationships seem to be TRACE_LINK, but I don't know how the relationships are updated, maintained, etc. so that's part of this question.


Here are some screenshots to better illustrate what I'm talking about above.


This is an example of a linked test case that has the correct latest execution showing in the execution panel which is expected:



This is an example of a linked test case that has the incorrect latest test execution showing in the execution panel which is un-expected, as you can see the latest execution is not listed:



The only thing I could find that would explain why it doesn't show up is it seems it's not tied to an issue, but I want to know why that isn't automatically updated and how it interacts with the TRACE_LINK table:




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Great post with lots of detail!  Unfortunately I only have UI access to the web client so can't investigate any further than that and am not sure I can help that much in this instance.  You might need to contact SmartBear support here for help.


Of the two issues you've shown with screenshots, I notice that the execution times for the Pass/Fail and Fail/Pass are 1 minute apart from each other and wonder if that's got something to do with it.  Perhaps a caching issue in Jira or Zephyr.  If you're able to replicate the issue by running two tests close to each other you might be able to observe the behaviour and figure out what's happening - would love to know the answer if you do!


Good luck!

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Thank you for the direction to support I'll contact them and see if I can gather some more information.


Also I think you might be on to something too with the times being so close, I might look at those a little closer in the database and see just what the timestamps are saying in there and see if there is any time overlaps that aren't apparent when looking at it in the UI. 😀

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